Update on Michelle Potter’s Fredrikson project

Dear Fredrikson supporters,

Thank you once again for your generosity in supporting my ACF project. Here is a quick update on where the project to acquire a solid selection of hi-res imagery is at the moment.

The largest proportion of Kristian’s designs are held by the National Library in Canberra, where they were deposited by the co-executors of his Estate. Ordering of this material is well and truly underway, in fact is almost finished. In addition I have been dealing with other organisations for designs and photographs, including the National Gallery of Australia; the Performing Arts Collection, Arts Centre Melbourne; the Sydney Opera House; the Australian Ballet, the Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, New Zealand; Houston Ballet, Texas; and individual artists who worked with Kristian including choreographer Gray Veredon in France; film maker Philippe Charluet in Melbourne; and of course a number of individual photographers. This broad range of sources means that images are available from across the entire range of Kristian’s career - from his early work for Opera-Technique Inc in the 1960s in Wellington, to his final commission, Stanton Welch’s Swan Lake for Houston Ballet, which had its premiere 3 months after Kristian’s death.

In terms of writing I have just today completed a list of works (some 150 of them) giving date of premiere, company, director etc, which I am hoping this will be included as an appendix. This is important because within the text of the book it is impossible to go into detail about every one of Kristian’s commissions.

Thank you again for your support and I look forward to updating you again at some stage.


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