An update on the Kristian Fredrikson book project.

We would like to share with you the following update from Michelle Potter on her Kristian Fredrikson book project:

There has been a change of Publisher, to Melbourne Books.

Many thanks to everyone who assisted in getting the beautiful illustrations together, as the feedback from  this publisher was that the book is ‘an impressive work with beautiful illustrations.’

After the publisher had read the full manuscript (into which I had embedded over 100 images), they came back to say that Melbourne Books wanted to publish it as ‘a large format, hard cover book.’  This is terrific news as only in such a format can justice be done to Kristian’s fabulous art work.

Melbourne Books has now done costings and suggested the size of a print run. The next step is to find an arts-oriented Foundation to give some assistance with printing costs which, given the large format, hard cover aspect of the publication, and the need for a lot of colour printing, is a necessary factor. Melbourne Books will, of course, cover the major amount of the cost of printing, but has estimated an extra $15,000 is needed. I have a few ideas, and I may even set up another Australian Cultural fund project. Any further suggestions would be welcome.

Further news will be shared in due course.

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