The Beleura Design Collection

Beleura House and Garden held the official opening of the New John Tallis Research Building and Gallery on Friday 21st of May 2021.

Beleura House and Garden in Mornington, Victoria, safeguards the bequest of composer John Tallis, who died in 1996 gifting Beleura, its contents and a supporting Foundation to the people of Victoria. John Tallis’s father was head of JC Williamson Pty Ltd, the world’s largest entertainment organisation of the 1920.

Today Beleura’s collections furnish a living museum as ‘a theatre of the past’, preserving for future generations Australia’s performing arts history and memorabilia acquired by gift and purchase.

Beleura’s Stage Design Collection is showcased in display areas, and builds upon the JC Williamson legacy from the end of the 1890s but costume and set illustrations are mostly from the 20th century. It includes William Akers AM and Roger Meyers gift of ballet-oriented collection of photographs and historical set and costume designs

In 2008, Beleura purchased 32 costume and set designs/models from a fundraising exhibition at the Arts Centre, held to establish the Kristian Fredrikson Scholarship for Design in the Performing Arts. The scholarship recipients regularly donate designs and set models to Beleura.

In April this year our collection more than doubled when a tremendous gift of 48 designs was very generously donated by the designers themselves, works realised in national and international productions of ballet, opera, drama and experimental performance. The instigator of these donations is patron of the collection, designer Anna French. Beleura is sincerely grateful to Anna for her foresight, imagination and desire to preserve theatrical design.

‘Kristian Fredrikson Designer’ book review

A delightful review of Michelle Potter’s book Kristian Fredrikson, Designer, can be found online on Arts Review.

Kristian Fredrikson book now available

Michelle Potter’s book Kristian Fredrikson Designer is at last available in various book shops, such as:
Hill of Content, Readings, Booktopia, Book Depository, Dymocks, and the National Library bookshop.

It has stunning photographs and reproductions of Kristian’s designs. It is a must read for all ballet/dance fans and those interested in design.
Congratulations Michelle!

Media Release for Kristian Fredrikson book

We are pleased to share with you the media release for Michelle Potter’s book on Kristian Fredrikson.

You can find the details here.

Kristian Fredrikson Book

We are pleased to announce that we have raised the required amount of money to complete the publishing of the  book on Kristian Fredrikson.
Thank you to all those who contributed to the fund, we will post updates on the books progress on this site.

Scholarship applications

We are disappointed to announce that there were no applications for The Kristian Fredrikson Scholarship For Design in The Performing Arts this year. We can only hope that this year has been a busy one for designers with no time to fill out application forms.

Thank you to all those professionals working in the industry who agreed to be on the selection panel.

The next round of scholarship applications will open on October 1st 2022, and close on December 1st 2022, and will be announced at The Green Room Awards in 2023.

An update on the Kristian Fredrikson book project.

We would like to share with you the following update from Michelle Potter on her Kristian Fredrikson book project:

There has been a change of Publisher, to Melbourne Books.

Many thanks to everyone who assisted in getting the beautiful illustrations together, as the feedback from  this publisher was that the book is ‘an impressive work with beautiful illustrations.’

After the publisher had read the full manuscript (into which I had embedded over 100 images), they came back to say that Melbourne Books wanted to publish it as ‘a large format, hard cover book.’  This is terrific news as only in such a format can justice be done to Kristian’s fabulous art work.

Melbourne Books has now done costings and suggested the size of a print run. The next step is to find an arts-oriented Foundation to give some assistance with printing costs which, given the large format, hard cover aspect of the publication, and the need for a lot of colour printing, is a necessary factor. Melbourne Books will, of course, cover the major amount of the cost of printing, but has estimated an extra $15,000 is needed. I have a few ideas, and I may even set up another Australian Cultural fund project. Any further suggestions would be welcome.

Further news will be shared in due course.

Kind thanks

We would like to thank The Betty Amsden Foundation for their generous donation towards the cost of producing The Kristian Fredrikson book. We would also like to acknowledge Betty Amsden’s past financial contribution to The Kristian Fredrikson Scholarship.

The Australian Cultural Foundation Funding appeal towards the digitalisation of photographs for the book is now closed. We are so very grateful to all those who contributed to the appeal.

Update on Michelle Potter’s Fredrikson project

Dear Fredrikson supporters,

Thank you once again for your generosity in supporting my ACF project. Here is a quick update on where the project to acquire a solid selection of hi-res imagery is at the moment.

The largest proportion of Kristian’s designs are held by the National Library in Canberra, where they were deposited by the co-executors of his Estate. Ordering of this material is well and truly underway, in fact is almost finished. In addition I have been dealing with other organisations for designs and photographs, including the National Gallery of Australia; the Performing Arts Collection, Arts Centre Melbourne; the Sydney Opera House; the Australian Ballet, the Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt, New Zealand; Houston Ballet, Texas; and individual artists who worked with Kristian including choreographer Gray Veredon in France; film maker Philippe Charluet in Melbourne; and of course a number of individual photographers. This broad range of sources means that images are available from across the entire range of Kristian’s career - from his early work for Opera-Technique Inc in the 1960s in Wellington, to his final commission, Stanton Welch’s Swan Lake for Houston Ballet, which had its premiere 3 months after Kristian’s death.

In terms of writing I have just today completed a list of works (some 150 of them) giving date of premiere, company, director etc, which I am hoping this will be included as an appendix. This is important because within the text of the book it is impossible to go into detail about every one of Kristian’s commissions.

Thank you again for your support and I look forward to updating you again at some stage.


‘Kristian Fredrikson: Designer’ the book

We are thrilled to announce that at last we have a publisher for The Kristian Fredrikson book by Dr Michelle Potter, and an Australian Cultural Fund campaign has been launched to help raise the funds to bring the book to life.

We encourage you to make a donation, and share the campaign with family, friends and colleagues. You can be part of making this wonderful book come to fruition.
You can follow the link to the campaign website here.