“Kristian was a creative genius whose breathtakingly beautiful work took audiences to another world. He’s the ballet designer in New Zealand and Australia who everyone has looked to for his knowledge, skill and experience. His work is rich and layered with real depth, quality and class”.

Gary Harris, Artistic Director, Royal New Zealand Ballet, 2005

"The world will be a little less beautiful now that we don’t have Kristian to redesign it for us.”

David McAllister AM, Artistic Director, The Australian Ballet, 2005



2010 Victoria Lamb, South Australia

2012 Anna Cordingley, Victoria

2014 Alicia Clements, NSW

2016 David Fleisher, NSW

2018 Michael Hankin, NSW

2020 No Award presented due to Covid19

2022 Paula Levis, joint recipient, Victoria

2022 Isabel Hudson joint recipient, NSW

2024 Charles Davis, NSW